tbl – format tables

This code has been deprecated and will no longer be maintained here. Its functionality has been folded into mandoc version 1.10.9 and upward.


tbl replaces the traditional UNIX tbl, which formatted tables for troff, with an ISC-licensed alternative. GNU extensions are also supported.

This utility is still in the earliest stages of development. The goal is to provide a back-end library for mandoc(1) and a simple front-end utility for converting table input to a variety of output formats. In the near future, tbl will be moved into mdocml.bsd.lv, but while still under development, has its own domain.

See test.in for example tbl input and the corresponding test.out for the output (from NetBSD's queue.3).


Sources correctly build and install on the FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and NetBSD operating systems, tested variously on i386, AMD64, and alpha. The most current version is 0.1.6, dated 2 January 2011. A full ChangeLog is written with each release.


Source archive /snapshots/tbl.tar.gz (md5)


Source archive /snapshots/


These manuals are generated automatically and refer to the current snapshot.

tbl(1) format tbl(5) tables
tbl(3) library for parsing tbl(5) documents
tbl(5) document format for tbl tables


For all issues related to tbl, contact Kristaps Dzonsons, kris...@bsd.lv.

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